WW1 Memorabilia

October 30, 2017 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2017, November 2017
Tideswell Living History will be holding an Open Morning in the Parish Church on 11th  November 9am-12 noon. Along with a WW1 exhibition and coffee & biscuits we would be pleased to scan any treasured photos, letters and news cuttings you have. These will be scanned on site enabling you to return home with them as you leave. They will help us create a picture of what life was like for the lads at war and for the families left at home in Tideswell. Sadly we were not successful in obtaining a Heritage Lottery Grant but wish to continue parts of our project in the hope that when we reapply in March we may be successful. We will then look forward to producing a book with all these treasured memories.


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