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A big thank you for all who supported our coffee morning on 17th February. We raised over £200.

Tideswell Wakes Festivities Committee is looking for enthusiastic young ladies and gentlemen to be part of our 2018 Wakes Royalty & Retinue. Duties include attending events during Wakes Week and representing Tideswell at local carnivals of your choice. Find out more from Suzy Wagstaffe on Suzy.wagstaffe@gmail.com


Tideswell Wakes Festivities Petal (Ages 3-5)

Tideswell Wakes Festivities Rosebud (Ages 5-7)

Tideswell Wakes Festivities Princess (Ages 7-11)

Tideswell Wakes Festivities Junior Queen (Age 11 +)

Tideswell Wakes Festivities Queen (Age 14+)

Tideswell Wakes Festivities Pageboy (Ages 3-11)

Entries to be in by 15th April

Road Closures 2018

Applications have been made to Derbyshire Dales District Council for the following Road closures to enable us to run all the parades, Street Market and Inter-Inns Run during wakes week if anyone has any concerns please contact the committee by phone 07850534002 or email at john.hallows@sky.com<mailto:john.hallows@sky.com> by the 15th April please
The times are correct at the time of printing but please do check the Village Voice publication, the Wakes Programme, Facebook or www.tideswellwakes.info for any changes nearer the time.

Sat 23rd June 2018 2:45pm-3:45pm Blessing of the Wells, Commercial Road, Queen Street, Fountain Street, returning to the Pot Market

Mon 25th June 2018 7:00pm– 8:15pm Inter Inns Run Buxton Road, Queen Street, Commercial Road, Whitecross Road, Conjoint Lane, Church Lane Commercial Road, Bank Square, High Street

Sat 30th June 2018 8:00am – 6:00pm Street Market Pot Market

Carnival Parade 2:45-4:45pm Chantry Court, Whitecross Road, Commercial Road, High Street, Manchester Road, Sherwood Road, Pinfold Road, Richard Lane, Buxton Road, Queen Street and return to Chantry Court + 9:45-10:45 Torchlight Procession Manchester Road, High Street, Queen Street, Buxton Road, Commercial Road, Whitecross Road Tideswell

Thank you to everyone who marshalled parades last year; we couldn’t run events requiring road closures without you! We’ll need help with the road closures listed above in 2018, please contact the following Committee members if you can help again or for the first time:

Jo Bothamley Tel No: 07730043646 or jobot79@icloud.com

John Hallows Tel No: 07850534002 or john.hallows@sky.com

Planning a Float for the Carnival Parade?

We’re really hoping many of you have already caught the Tidza Wakes ‘bug’ and are planning house or street decorations, fancy dress costume or the theme of your float for the Carnival Parade! Our aim is to make Wakes enjoyable and fun but also safe for everyone involved or spectating, particularly the Carnival Parade on Saturday 30th June which relies on brightly decorated floats, fancy dress costumes, musical accompaniment and Bands to give it the WOW factor. But here comes the important bit…….with growing interest from people entering floats in the Carnival, the Committee needs everyone entering a float to register before 5 pm on Friday 29th June. Then we can pre-plan the procession, reduce waiting and make sure the procession showcases both floats and Bands. It may not be possible to include floats in the Parade that have not registered in advance.
When you register we will need basic details such as the type of vehicle, the theme, whether it will have music playing on the float and insurance. We cannot insure vehicle owners against a motor accident that occurs during the Parade, whilst a motor accident is an unlikely event and our insurance covers all other types of accidents or damage, we need you to inform your vehicle insurer that you intend to use the vehicle as a float so you have the correct cover on Carnival Day. If this is unwelcome news, please, please DON’T abandon your plans but DO get in contact with the Committee to discuss your concerns, we can’t solve every issue but would like the opportunity to try! To register your float, please contact
Andrew on andrew@tideswellwakes.info or see any member of the team before 5 pm on Friday 29th June.

Tideswell Wakes Festivities Committee



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