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 Based in Bakewell for 25 years, Village Aid is committed to ensuring some of the worlds most disadvantaged communities have the opportunity to flourish. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our supporters across the Peak District, and in Tideswell, for your generous and committed support. 

Here is an example of our recent work in North West Cameroon. Violent conflict between farming and herding communities is escalating. People are killed, crops and animals are destroyed and poverty ensues. Violence is primarily due to scarce natural resources, ineffective government, cultural and religious tensions and poor resource management. Village Aid and our partners are striving to restore peace.

One tribe, Mbororos rely on the availability of free grazing as they are denied formal landownership. As population increases, pressure on land use rises and conflict occurs when animals stray onto crops. Building fences is expensive, therefore neither community want to take responsibility. Village Aid have created neutral spaces or “Dialogue Platforms” for resolving conflicts before violence, where anyone from the village has a voice. These platforms allow discussion and a non-violent long term solution to be found. Village Aid are implementing solutions such as water catchment sites, biogas technology and living fences to reduce conflict.

If you have any stories about your connection to Village Aid over the last 25 years we would love to hear them. Or if you would like to know more about Village Aid please get in touch. If you are interested in volunteering, coming to an event or if you’d like us to talk at your local group we may be able to help.

Please do get in touch:
01629 814434,, or pop in and see us at Riverside Business Park, Bakewell.


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