Vandalism and Littering

February 13, 2018 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2018, March 2018

For several years there have been considerable problems up at the School/Sports complex with vandalism nd serious littering.

The complex is a wonderful asset to Tideswell and District but is being spoilt by thoughtless and unacceptable behaviour.

The committee and the Sport’s Association do their best to both improve and develop the facilities for everyone, but if it is necessary to keep spending money on needless repairs and replacements, this wish will not come to fruition.

There are plans to increase lighting and CCTV coverage on site in the hope tho stemming this regrettable behaviour and those who carry out vandalism should be aware that the Community Association has np choice but to prosecute those responsible.

Please be alert to the problem as the facilities re there for children, their friends and families and all individuals in the community to enjoy.


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