Two walks in one

May 18, 2018 | Filed under: 2018, June 2018

Minutes into the walk a Tidza Rambler fished out a black bin liner from her rucksack declaiming it litter picking weekend. Soon full, the bag was left by the roadside for retrieval later. A fantastic display of wildflowers in Hay Dale included orchids, red campion, cowslips and primroses. We chatted with someone with two dogs, one of which was noticeably lame. The owner explained that it was fifteen years old but hated being left indoors.

No one could have imagined what was about to interrupt the morning’s tranquility. Approaching the Mount we moved to the side of the lane to let a tractor pass, only to turn round and see a long line of them. One trailer contained child- shaped purple sheep and on another a family was ensconced on a settee . We were marshalled across the main road alongside the tractors.

A grid reference gave the meeting place for the start of the second walk. The spot near Moss Rake was deserted and instructions had warned of a possible attack by parties from other parishes. However it was one o’ clock and sustenance was our first priority. There’s always anticipation about who will turn up for the rogation walk and we didn’t have long to find out. Eighteen of us enjoyed a companionable walk in perfect weather. If we had encountered any foes, young Philip would have dealt with them. Hopefully a piece of chocolate cake was waiting for him in Cressbrook. It’s most unlikely that Simon’s next morning service in Millers Dale will be disrupted by the noise of over a hundred tractors trundling past the open church door.

Helen Royle.