Traffic and Parking in Tideswell

June 20, 2018 | Filed under: 2018, July 2018

The Parish Council have recently had a meeting with Derbyshire County Council Highways Department regarding several highways issues in the Parish.
DCC has received concerns recently from residents regarding several issues including illegal parking and also damage to verges on the highways by lorries, pot holes and issues with pavements.

During the meeting a walk around the Parish took place and a discussion was had about parking around the Parish. It was agreed that some of the parking provided traffic calming, whilst some parking was dangerous and illegal especially on junctions.

There is an enforcement company who are based in the High Peak which can be contacted on 03451297777 to contact CPE officers or email To report any issues regarding illegal parking. Due to the nature of some dangerous parking which covers and blocks junctions it is likely that visits from enforcement officers will commence.

The Parish Council appreciates that in a small village, parking is difficult and modern life means more cars for each house. If we could respectfully ask that extra care and consideration is taken when parking to ensure pavements and junctions aren’t blocked.

Hannah Owen