Tidza Ramblers

April 18, 2018 | Filed under: 2018, May 2018

After a spell of bad weather we weren’t certain whether Cressbrook band would be playing on Friday Rock but fortunately the day dawned fine. An anxious moment occurred soon after setting off towards Tideswell Dale when one of us, already with a broken wrist, slipped in thick mud but luckily no further damage was done. Having dallied too long over a coffee break in the picnic area by Litton Mill we hadn’t left enough time to get to the village before the band began at noon but in the event this proved to our benefit. It is a trudge up the hill to the green but on this occasion the strains of Stand Up ! stand up for Jesus made dawdling impossible. ‘ The music floats down from high ‘ describes perfectly this unique experience. ( Not my words but likely those of a Cressbrook resident or band member. ) The array of hot homemade food in the club afterwards is always mouthwatering. Cakes were equally tempting and the fruit crumble was delicious. We were able to fully appreciate our surroundings on one of the first reasonable days of the year. We smiled at the sight of a lamb sitting most comfortably on its mother’s back on the stroll back from Litton.

]Helen Royle.