Tidza Ramblers

March 18, 2018 | Filed under: 2018, April 2018

It’s best to draw a veil over February’s walk. Conditions were blizzard-like and there was no pleasure wandering amongst old mine shafts near Peak Forest. It’s the only time we’ve returned with half- eaten sandwiches as it wasn’t possible to stop for long in the freezing temperature. On a fine morning last month it was a treat to set off from Youlgreave on a level grassy path. Care was needed on the steep steps down to Cales Dale. Lathkill Dale is usually an area of utmost tranquility, however not on this occasion. A torrent streamed through a low cave in an area that we’ve only seen dry before. Despite the absence of a bank, the water made an impressive right turn to form the source of the river. The noise and force completely altered the nature of the dale. Lunch was at a leisurely pace by the stone clapper bridge close to Over Haddon. We crossed over for the last uphill stretch. Though little evidence of spring, there was a strong sense of it waiting in the wings.

Helen Royle.