Tidza Ramblers

December 11, 2017 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2018, January 2018

A few white roses were still in flower as we passed the churchyard. It was a only a short walk so we had time to look at the decorated tree by the library about which reports had been glowing. There was a sense of community spirit as different groups were busy with their trees.

In Litton pastel coloured bales of silage, each adorned with a different face, couldn’t fail to raise a smile. Little of the outside world encroaches in Cressbrook Dale and it was a place to linger in the particular stillness of this day. A plant enthusiast studied the mosses explaining that some are protected. One variety grows only in a small area in Derbyshire and its location is secret.

On one walk of the year we sit at a table at lunchtime with a roof over our heads. The venue was the Christmas cafe in Cressbrook where hearty homemade soups, accompanied by fresh crusty bread, were delicious. Cakes are always top notch there too. I’d intended to bring one home to enjoy in the evening however the walnut tart was so tempting that things didn’t go to plan!

It had been overcast but then clouds parted to reveal glimpses of brightness as we strolled back along the lanes.


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