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December 16, 2015 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2016, January 2016

The dark sand-like grit underfoot was noticeably different from paths in the the White Peak as we set off from Edale towards Grindsbrook Clough. This isn’t a straightforward route to the summit of Kinder Scout and the elderly person needed a helping hand each time when crossing the stream. No matter, the eventual reward was an outstanding view. The nearby stone formations wouldn’t look out of place in an exhibition of sculptures. There was an attractive cloud formation as we began the descent of Jacob’s Ladder and we relaxed in warm sunshine at the bottom knowing it was just a stroll back to Edale. It’s doubtful whether this walk could ever be surpassed due to the combination of perfect weather plus the boundless enthusiasm of one of our members for the area.

One of us leads walks with a different group and we were invited to join. It was another fine Sunday and we stood on the summit of Win Hill picking out familiar landmarks. Intriguingly a beach was promised and, with a little imagination, the shores of Ladybower proved an ideal stop for lunch.

After days of rain we kept mainly to the Monsal Trail on the last walk of the year. The path by Chee Dale was submerged. From the top of the hill the sight of the river curving through the dale was stunning even in the muted colours of winter. It was unusual for our flower experts not to be able to identify tiny trumpet shaped flowers in a sheltered spot in Litton however perhaps memory of their delicate scent is more important.

Finally, should that Kinder walk be repeated I will still welcome those outstretched hands !

Helen Royle.

Finally if we do decide to repeat the walk up Kinder I would still welcome those outstretched hands.


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