Tidza Ramblers

September 18, 2015 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2015, October 2015

It was ideal weather for our second attempt to climb Chrome Hill. Last year only a short distance had been completed when we were warned of strong winds on top. A sheltered hollow brought back memories of where we’d huddled cold and wet before deciding to detour round the hill. Putting tales of frequent air ambulance call-outs in this area to the back of our minds, we put faith in our trusty leader.

The climb proved neither long nor steep but surefootedness was essential over the rocky ground. Warmth, wonderful views and convivial conversation with other walkers on the summit made the lunch stop one of the best. We trod lightly down the grassy slopes of the dragon’s back. Helpful advice on this occasion had been not to go up Parkhouse Hill before having made a will. However regardless of plans for our worldly goods. the lack of enthusiasm was palpable as we looked at the hill’s jagged edges.

The garden of the Quiet Woman seemed a better bet. A faded sign mentions that it was used as a location for the television series Heartbeat. It’s doubtful that anything much has changed in this pub since before that era.

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