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It’s easy to assume that there won’t be anything of interest on a local walk but the witches’s hat on Manchester Road was certainly new to me. Intrigued to find out more I contacted Severn Trent as their vehicles had been seen in the vicinity. However a member of its media team couldn’t find any information and perhaps the fact that it was April 1st wasn’t the best time for such a query. It didn’t seem much of a climb up to Tideslow Rake yet views from there were surprisingly good as was the weather, misty at the start but then sunny.

Easter Sunday was simply a glorious day and we’d arranged to join another group whose walk started in the village. We enjoyed showing them the History Phone Box, a listening post on the trail and the unexpected vista behind a concealed gate opposite Cressbrook Mill.

Conditions were somewhat different next time and walkers descending from Stanage Edge warned us about the strength of the wind on top. Gusts were so violent that it was difficult to remain upright and I struggled. My younger companions fared better but did say that they’d not experienced anything quite so challenging in the past. We stumbled down to relative calm and found a sheltered spot for lunch before returning to Hathersage.

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