Tidza Ramblers

December 19, 2014 | Filed under: 2015, Jan 2015

We hadn’t realised it was the Christmas market at Chatsworth until the build up of traffic but some delay was avoided, as well as the £10 parking charge, by going on to Calton Lees. We smiled when walkers on the path stepped aside saying they’d let our younger group pass. My hearing isn’t perfect now so the unexpected compliment had to be repeated.

We visited Edensor as one of us hadn’t been before. She liked the explanation of the houses being different because the duke was busy when the architect arrived with the designs so ordered one of each. Cars were streaming into Chatsworth at midday but we felt better outdoors having lunch under a tree knowing that it was a leisurely stroll back by the river. Being treated to delicious cake and coffee by a member who had a milestone birthday was a most enjoyable finish to a relaxing day.

It was our third annual visit to the Christmas Cafe in Cressbrook. Even in rain the descent into Tansley Dale is good and we felt positive knowing that a bright afternoon was supposedly forecast. Indeed the sun was dazzling in Cressbrook Dale where we watched a tiny wren, listened to the noise of water over stones and appreciated the quietness of the dale. There was a warm atmosphere in the cafe, a few familiar faces and delicious homemade food. So far, so good but if you like a happy ending read no further. The sky had darkened whilst we were inside and blizzard conditions developed on the return journey.However, a brief period of discomfort doesn’t matter – what does, is all the happy hours of walking we had in 2014.

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