Tideswell Surgery

April 13, 2018 | Filed under: 2018, May 2018

DID NOT ATTEND APPOINTMENTS From the 1st January 2018 until the 19th March 2018, we have had 22 GP appointments DNA’d which is 3 hours 40 minutes worth! 50 Nurse/HCA appointments which is a massive 8 hours 20 minutes DNA’d! We ask that is you cannot attend an appointment please cancel your appointment so that it can be offered to someone else.

Car Park

If you park your car in the surgery car park when the surgery is closed, please could we ask you to move it by 8am in the morning for the surgery opening, and do not park it up until after 6.30pm when the surgery is closed. The car parking spaces need to be kept free throughout the day for patients with appointments or collecting medication etc… With the limited number of spaces in the car park, we ask that if you are able to walk to the surgery it will benefit your health and relieve the parking spaces for people who need to drive. Thanks for your understanding. We need access to the surgery at all times for emergency, ambulances etc… Next of Kin We try to keep your records up to date with important and relevant information. Your next of kin details are very important to us and the hospitals. If you would like to provide us with NOK details please contact the surgery and we can update your records. In the case of an emergency these details are VERY important.


If you need to bring a sample in for sending off to the hospital for testing, please make sure it is:
* In the correct sample pot from the surgery
* It is labelled with a printed sticker with the correct date of sample
* The sample is dropped off before 2pm any day. We cannot accept samples after 2pm as this is the last collection from Chesterfield Hospital.

Call back from the Doctor

If you require a phone call from the doctor, when they ring it will show WITHHELD or UNKNOWN on your phone. Please bear this in mind when you have asked for a call.

Dr Parry

Dr Parry is now back from maternity leave and will be working her usual days, Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursday Mornings. We will also be saying goodbye to Dr Courtier and welcoming a new F2 doctor, Christina Triantafyllou. She will be starting on the 4th April for 4 months.

Collecting Medications

Please be aware when you are collecting prescriptions or ordering prescriptions for someone else you will need to know their date of birth and first line of their address. We have to ask 3 patient identifiers for each patient for everything, making appointments, ordering prescriptions etc…


If you didn’t already know you can register for the online service which allows you make your own appointments and order prescriptions! If you would like to have access to this, please ask at reception with some form of photo ID Mobile Numbers Please keep all your contact details up to date. We send text message reminders for booked appointments and can also text you if needed.

Ordering Prescription

When ordering your prescriptions please only order what your need. Try not to build up a lot of your tablets for your safety. There is a huge amount of waste with prescriptions in the NHS, and once you have collected your tablets we cannot re-use them we have to dispose of them. Even if you haven’t opened the box!


When booking an appointment, you may be asked what the appointment is for. This is so we can direct to the right clinician and allocate enough time for your appointment.

Holiday Vaccinations

If you are going away this year and think you need any vaccinations, they can be done with us here! You will need to collect a Travel Questionnaire from reception and fill this in for the Practice Nurse. You will then need to book a 20 minute appointment with either Karen, Greta or Clare. Please don’t leave this to the last minute, some vaccinations have to be done a few weeks before you go away. And please bear in mind the nurses are very busy and get booked up quickly. So trying to squeeze an appointment with them last minute is very tricky!


We have welcomed Richard Clarey to the team. He is a Pharmacist who is working at both sites of Peak & Dales Partnership. He qualified as a Pharmacist in 1992 and has worked in both High Street Pharmacy and in Industry, spending the past 16 years working in primary care. He was initially based at Newholme Hospital covering the High Peak and Dales practices before working as a Pharmacist for a practice in Whaley Bridge, where his roles were varied, assisting with medication queries, helping with discharge queries, reviewing results and seeing patients in clinics. Richard is able to do medication reviews, and helping out with medication queries were possible.