The Two Bradfields

October 17, 2016 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2016, November 2016

The area was new to us and there was a sense of anticipation as we parked by the bridge in Low Bradfield. For a small village the recreation area is impressive with space for cricket ground, tennis courts and bowling club. At the end of the first uphill path a large church seemed to fill the skyline. A watchtower next to it overlooks the graveyard, however it is best to gloss over the former purpose of this building!

The old workhouse is now an attractive row of cottages where a display of topiary stands on cobbles in front of one of them. The replica of the church is within sight of the actual building. Leaving the ‘ high’ village we strolled down through woods where clusters of crimson berries hung from the many rowan trees. It was fascinating to watch titbits being ferried to a row of hungry young swallows perched on a garden cane.

Earlier we’d passed dedicated birdwatchers, their binoculars supported on tripods. They were oblivious to us but had a spokesperson to field questions from inquisitive passers-by. A harrier, merlin, ravens and buzzards had been spotted. The view from the bridge was so different in the afternoon. People were everywhere. A wedding party was at one of the pavilions and a large family group including their dog were enjoying an informal game of cricket. This short walk on possibly one of the last warm Sundays of the year was more enjoyable and interesting than we could have imagined.

Helen Royle.


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