The Tideswell Community Orchard Project

July 20, 2017 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2017, August 2017

Do you have a passion for a pippin, love plum crumble and damson jam, and still remember the taste of the first apple you scrumped? Maybe you just love apple blossom in spring and golden fruit in the autumn.

If so, then help us to create a Community Orchard in Tideswell. We want to plant a Heritage orchard on Wheston Bank, with traditional old favourites, and a Children’s orchard at Richard Lane playground with small trees laden with scrumptious apples.

​If we are successful in raising the funds, we hope to plant the first trees this autumnand establish the orchards next year so we can have a Grand Opening on Armistice Day (Sun 11 Nov, 2018) to celebrate 100 years since the end ofWW1.

​Please enter our Prize draw – and claim freebies on our Grand Opening Day – by buying an ‘apple'(or even a ‘barrel of apples’), from our Fundraising Apple Tree on our website.

To learn more about The Community Orchard Project and find out how you can help, volunteer orsupport us please visit our website at or contact us by email or phone 01298 937005 or go through ourfacebook page @tidzaorchard. Thank you from the Tideswell Community Orchardteam.


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