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May 3, 2018 | Filed under: 2018, May 2018


During Wakes Week expect the unexpected if you visit the Parish Church. We will be attempting to create an art installation with the theme of ‘angels’.  When you visit the church (If all goes to plan), expect to encounter not a single angel, not a few angels but thousands of angels! We need to mobilise local school children, church goers, villagers and visitors to create the vast numbers required. The angels can be constructed from a simple template printed on A4 paper which will be available in local schools, shops and in the Church prior to and during Wakes Week. For greater impact, we require plain white angels but you may wish to put your name, a message or a prayer inside your examples. Note the use of the plural form in examples – we hope each individual will make a number of angels for us to achieve the effect sought. Do angels have feet?  Ours need them! Without feet for use as anchoring points our angels may take flight when the church doors are opened!

Floral displays, each with a biblical reference, will be placed at strategic points around the church to highlight the angelic theme of the installation. Our plan is to make use of locally grown flowers and greenery to create a simple, naturalistic effect with local children and families playing a part in this element of the installation. We would be very, very grateful for donations of local garden flowers or greenery, either brought to Church on Thursday 21st June in the afternoon or by allowing our flower arrangers to pick flowers suitable for their particular display.  If you could help in this way, please sign up on the list at the back of the Church or leave a message on 01298 871317.