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The duties of Anglican churchwardens are strange and mysterious. Historically, they had powers to remove dogs from the church with the provision of wands or staves to help in the exercise of these powers. Today, we take a more dog-tolerant stance. In recent years we have had regular canine attendees at Sunday worship. We also provide drinking water, in the South Porch, for visiting dogs.

However, a rogue element seems to be infiltrating. Each Tuesday our voluntary work party fills half to three quarters of a supermarket shopping bag with dog poo collected from within the churchyard. We know that the location of these deposits is no accident. We find this quite amazing given the way the space is utilized.

The church grounds have varied significance to individuals depending on their beliefs but we would think that most of Tideswell’s inhabitants would regard them as a shared village space. They also provide a thoroughfare for children on their way to school and the location for the Tideswell Pre-School group.

Our volunteers don’t complain about collecting poo but they shouldn’t have to. Poo can be removed from children’s shoes but it shouldn’t have to be. Toxacariasis in children can be treated reasonably successfully but it shouldn’t need to be.

Dog owners – please help make the churchyard a poo-free zone.


The Churchwardens


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