Thank you from Tideswell Kitchen Garden

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Thank you from Tideswell KitchenGarden

Thank you to everyone in who helped make the Food Festival in the Kitchen Garden such a success and so enjoyable. Visitors from all over came to look around, chat or buy plants. A special thanks must go to The Tideswell Singers and the Bailey Sisters, both of whom gave great performances even though they were competing with the delicious cakes being given out free in the church and the children who helped put all the plant signs next to the correct plants get ‘ten stars’.

Every month we try to give a seasonal Kitchen Garden recipe. This month we seem to have seed-trays full of salad crops that need thinning out. If your kitchen window sills look the same, try the latest trend in micro greens. They are tiny salad, herb orpea seedlings which you harvest just a couple of weeks after germination when they have their first few leaves.  They are packed with flavour and will add that magical touch to salads or a delicate garnish to a special dish – you find them in the best restaurants

The Kitchen Garden is just behind  St John’s Institute and the library. Visitors and new members are always welcome, even if you only have a little time to spare, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert.We meet in the Garden on the first Saturday afternoon every month to dig, weed, talk and laugh, so do come and join in. You can call Judy Cooke on 01298 872408,or email Josie at more details, or visit our Facebook page at ‘Tideswell Kitchen Garden’.



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