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February 18, 2018 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2018, March 2018

February Draw results

£50 – 044; £25 – 199; £20 – 214;

£10 – 320; £10 – 027; £10 – 086

Congratulations to the LUCKY WINNERS!

NEW SEASON begins on 1st APRIL

This Tideswell Lottery is the main fundraiser for Community Association.
It is so easy to join, only £12 a year and there are cash prizes every

Our collectors will be out and about, but it is simple to pay through the
bank by Standing Order.

Do you want to join us, need information? Phone Dorothy on 871661 or
Judy on 872408

WELCOME PACKS for new residents, full of Village information, are in
stock and available from Vikki in Peaches. Any enquiries about advertising
in the packs or alteration to club and society details, please contact
Nikki Turton our coordinator


Tideswell and District Community Association is about to launch a brand new
colourful, informative website created by Bernard O’Sullivan.

So watch this space.

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