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January 20, 2016 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2016, February 2016

I’d like to acknowledge how fortunate we are to have such good shopping facilities in Tideswell and Litton. You can buy high quality, and often local, fresh fruit and veg, meat, bread etc, at good prices, from shop owners and staff who give personal service and a smile, and some will even deliver to your door if you can’t carry your shopping. We often hear comments about the range and quality of shopping available locally from visitors and holiday makers, who envy our shops and cafes and the buzz they bring to the community. In these days of online shopping and the domination of large supermarkets it’s easy to overlook what we have on our doorstep and the convenience which this provides. Collectively, our local shops contribute to the community and the local economy and it’s up to us all to make sure that this continues by using them. If everyone could include some local shopping as part of their regular shopping routine it would help to ensure that we don’t have to become wholly reliant on the big supermarkets. Our buying habits really do make a difference, let’s recognise this and make full use of what we have. G Howland


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