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We have now dismantled the Somme memorial display from in and around the church as there is a consensus that the Somme campaign reached its conclusion by November 18th 1916. It has been calculated that during the campaign, advances were made at the rate of one inch of progress for each life lost.
Originally, we stated that eleven men from the Parish lost their lives and that no one died on July 1st. This proved not to have been the case as we subsequently found that Cpl. Robert Graham Lomas MM. died on July 1st. We duly adjusted our displays to remember him (if anyone can access the citation attached to the award of Robert’s Military Medal we would be very interested in the resulting information).

We received personal information and artefacts relating to a number of the men commemorated and to some who survived the campaign. These included letters home, items carried by the men during the campaign and items relating to rehabilitation after the conflict. Some descendants of those remembered added their own additional display items to mark the date of the centenary of death of their relative.

Some expenditure was expected to stage the display but no significant money was spent as Markovitz Ltd. (Tideswell) insisted that the materials should be provided free of charge. Stuart and Richard Fletcher cut the display boards to size, again free of charge. Our thanks are also due to Jean Jackson who made sure that we had sufficient poppies, crosses etc. for the months of the display and to Brian Woodall for the provision of artefacts and information.

Alan Thornton
Paul Black


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