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Thank you once again to all the shops, schools, coffee shops, street collectors and restaurants that put collecting tins out during Appeal fortnight, and those organisations and individuals who bought wreaths. So far the total raised is £2,940.60, but this is not the final total – look out for February’s ‘Village Voice’.

This work would be impossible without the help of our Post Office staff, and my long-suffering friends who help count the cash. This year I need to thank Howie Thurlby, he knows how much he raised – thank you for the quiz, raffle, and selling all those lorry poppies and standing for hours outside the Co-op, but at least this year the weather was kind. Outside the actual Poppy Appeal, the display in St John’s, centred on Passchendale, raised £164.50, this is included in the above total.

Can I also add my thanks to the Parish Council, who organise our Armistice Service, and everyone who took part, for the very moving Armistice Service on 12th November, I know it was greatly appreciated by all those who attended.

Jean Jackson, Honorary Poppy Appeal Organiser


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