Removal of the Recycling Facility

March 30, 2016 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2016, May 2016

Sir, I was rather shocked by the tone of the letter lamenting the removal of the recycling facility, from Name and Address supplied, in last months “Voice”.

The attack on Cllr Bower, the ear of whom the writer seems under the impression that they have purchased by the means of their vote, was not, I feel, what residents of Tideswell, both those of ancient line, and us “blow ins” are used to see in our local mouthpiece. I was so, particularly, stirred as to make reply.

In truth, the kerbside collections are very good, and moreover my bins are left in sensible position after removal of the contents. I often felt a little “down pin”, by the parlous state of the old facilities, when I needed to enjoy them, i.e. after having lain abed a little too long on a Monday morning, after the night before, and there to be awoken by the familiar sound of the macerator in the bin lorry. The old site was often strewn with torn bags of rubbish, the contents of which were left to perambulate, straggle and blow about the site, by users who on finding the receptacles full at the week’s end, and awaiting collection, felt entitled to dump their rubbish with impunity, often I feel sure, whilst blaming their deplorable behaviour on some erstwhile local councillor, for having failed in their duty to empty them personally.

Even when there was room in the receptacles, I always felt rather uncomfortable, whilst smashing my empty gin bottles, I favour the now hard to come by, Gordon’s Yellow Label, or my empty wine bottles, as always, quantity commensurate with recommended weekly consumption. This discomfort was occasioned, by the close proximity of the containers to nearby residences. How would I feel, I often pondered, as I flung each bottle with gusto through that silly little aperture, living where I had no choice when sitting in my garden, and trying to exercise my right to it’s peaceful enjoyment and for recreation, no doubt trying one or two chilled glasses of New Zealand’s finest, available at a modest price from the local Co-op and to there be forced to endure, by the constraints of landfill cost, the raucous disposal of an entire weekend of liquid lunches, not to mention the comings and goings and the noise of the “off road” vehicles so favoured by the denizens of the city, when they come out to “enjoy” the pleasures of the countryside.

In fact, now I come to think on it, surely it is the owners of “Holiday Cottages”, that must be the ones most inconvenienced by the loss of the old facility, as after the cottage has been made ready for the next inhabitant, there must be a lot of refuse to dispose of, at a time when there is no collection due, and the bins must be empty for the next “letting”, but I digress.

In conclusion, I will simply say, that having given my vote to Councillor Bower, under the strict understanding that in accordance with our democratic traditions, I invested in her the right to make decisions on my behalf as my elected representative, I do wholeheartedly approve of this decision to remove a great eyesore, nay carbuncle, from the face of the dearly loved Village of Tideswell.

Sir, I am, and remain, your servant, Diane Portnoi, Mrs N.B. No silver coin has crossed my palm, or as in days of yore, no chicken has graced my table, in order to obtain my favour at the ballot box.


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