To Derbyshire Dales

May 20, 2016 | 1 Comment | Filed under: 2016, June 2016

Dear Sir ~ I hope you will read my letter to the end and not refer it after the first sentence to one of your junior directors of sevices. My concern (to put it mildly, though I am deeply concerned) is about the removal of the Bring Bank Recycling bins in Tideswell and surrounding villages. As a frequent user, it was evident to me that these were well used facilities – always filling up and providing a resource and extra capacity above the domestic wheely bins. It beggars belief that they have been removed at a time when, because of cultural changes, people are generating more recyclables than ever. Our parents did not drink wine or beer at home; they did not receive junk mail; they did not do internet shopping with all its attendant packaging and they made clothes last longer. All this valuable recyclable material is to go where? It is more than likely that most will end up in the lanes and by-ways of our beautiful Peak District – this has already begun to happen. Another concomitant is that our valued visitors with holiday homes will now require wheely bins whereas they were content before to use the bring banks. This proliferation of unsightly bins ( I have eight shared bins in front of my own cottage) defaces an otherwise picturesqe village and degrades the environment. I hope you will reconsider replacing the bring banks and reversing a very ill advised decision. I await your response. p.s. On a positive note, I congratulate the council on an excellent refuse collection service which in my opinion as an ex recycling officer (in difficult Merseyside) cannot be bettered. ~

Thomas Eccles – TIDESWELL


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  1. Jennifer Lindley September 14, 2016 at 4:07 pm

    I could not agree more with Thomas Eccles. I have a range of textiles that I wish to recycle as it is actually physically difficult for me to take them to charity shops. I have called the Council to make sure that there is no other facility I can use and been told that I need to put them in the “grey” bin. This cannot be correct, surely? Discarding perfectly good clothing, towels etc by stuffing them in the bin with actual rubbish? I have tried to put them into bags left by, for example, the Air Ambulance Service but they are still there days later! What a backward step!

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