Pauline Limb

November 25, 2014 | Filed under: 2014, December 2014

7 February 1949 – 11 October 2014

Pauline Limb, my partner and wife, died on Saturday 11th October. Thank you to all those who came to remember her, and celebrate her life at her funeral – a service planned by Pauline herself over the past year.

I am so happy that Pauline has been relieved of her two battles. The lesser one was when she developed oesophagus cancer 15 months ago. The more insidious battle Pauline had to fight for many years was her paranoid mind which grew stronger over many years. It kept giving her different instructions, worst of all perhaps, the clear message that she must not trust people whom she had got to know. The enemy she could see she fought effectively, but I thank God that she has is now free of that latter one.

I too have suffered from mental illness, and Pauline knew of my struggle, and helped me. If anyone is experiencing the same sort of mental Illness as Pauline and myself, and would like to talk about it, or about how to help others, please do get in touch via email at: