May 3, 2018 | Filed under: 2018, May 2018

I don’t frequent the village much these days but when I do parking I have to say  is diabolical. Yes, laziness, ignorance and bad traffic management are all in the mix. However, and yes I know that this is a hot potato, unless the council usefully implement and enforce the use of yellow lines and traffic management, it will only get worse. This I have first hand knowledge of, from my many years spent in the South West of England, a very busy tourist area in the summer months. A lot of the towns and villages were never designed for such large explosions of both traffic and tourists and without new traffic management systems being put in place they would never cope. Yes there were objections to parking restrictions but once they were in place and enforced the local population got used to it and the towns and villages functioned all the better for it. The exception being when the tourists abused the rulings but they were subsequently punished by the traffic management system accordingly. These systems do work and with a little thought behind it, I’m sure the same could well work for good old Tidza.

Yours in a hopefully helpful way

Robert Gibbs

Physically left Tidza 11/09/78

My heart never did.