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December 19, 2013 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2014, January 2014

Members of Tideswell Parish Council have been trying over the past few months to straighten things out since the mass resignation of six of the previous council earlier in the year. The council would like to thank former chairman Philip Swarbrick and Cath Lees for continuing to run the Cemetery paperwork.

This month, amongst other things, the council will be setting the budget for the coming year and setting the annual precept which forms part of your Council Tax bill.

Whilst certain bills can be planned for, others are less predictable. The severity of the winter for example, will determine how big our grit bill is. Derbyshire County Council fill the grit bins around the village, but charge the parish council if it fills bins we own.

Villagers can help by helping to ensure the limited grit supply goes a long way. The bins are there for highways and paths and not for personal private use on your property. Markovitz sells grit for this purpose. When helping to clear roads and paths, please ensure you spread the grit as thinly as possible, a little really does go a long way.

We hope you have enjoyed the new lighting around the village this Christmas. This was a bit of a stopgap as the old lighting was found, at the last moment, not to be fit for purpose. Councillors have big plans for Christmas 2014 and we urge you to watch this space as plans for a brighter festive season are put in place. Happy New Year to you all.


Tideswell Parish Council


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