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Tideswell Parish Council’s January meeting was an eventful, productive one. We had several visitors. One member of the public attended to discuss a planning matter. Residents are welcome to attend all meetings, and time is set aside at the beginning of each meeting for public speaking.

Danny Stephenson is our new garden expert, and comments about his work have been very encouraging. He came to meet the members of Council and plans were made for the coming year. Ex Councillor Mary Landon will liaise between Danny and the Council.

Our next visitor was John Evans, Chairman of Litton Parish Council. A planning application for The Croft at Litton was discussed. The proposed houses are on a site within the boundary of Tideswell Parish Council, but in Litton village.

Tideswell is keen for the plans to be approved. Litton wish to call a halt to any building. A debate took place at the meeting, and both Tideswell and Litton Council Chairmen will attend the Peak Park Planning meeting to discuss the plans.

Tideswell Parish Council is very much aware of the dire need for affordable housing for its residents, and a “housing needs” survey is to be undertaken with the Derbyshire Dales Housing rep shortly.

Our final visitor was Ian Phipps our new PCSO. He gave a report on the latest incidents in Tideswell. He also urged members of the public to join the Derbyshire Alert scheme, which people can access on line. Ian will attend our meetings on a quarterly basis.

We have received very positive comments about the Christmas lights. Thank you. Thank you too, to resident Vera Wilkinson, who allowed us to use her supply for the lights on one of the Christmas trees.

Other matters discussed included the provisional plan for a Combined Authority. This will in some respects replace the East Midlands Development Agency which was disbanded by the current Government. The proposal is for neighbouring District and Borough Councils to work together. These Councils are within adjoining Parliamentary Seats, within Derbyshire. Derbyshire County Council and Derby City are separate Councils, DCC forming the “doughnut” around Derby. Both are expected to join this new authority. Chairman Sue Barber will respond to the initial consultation.

Our Public Toilet legal documents are in the hands of the legal people .We will keep you informed of progress!

The new Parish Council office within the St John’s Institute will be up and running shortly. Thank you to Juliet and to Councillor Rod Baraona for their work. There is still some work to be done, but we are hopeful that all Parish Council meetings will be held there from now on.

The next meeting will be on Monday 9th Feb. at 7.30pm. Please check on the Parish notice board for the venue.


Sue Barber on behalf of Tideswell Parish Council.


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