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The Annual Parish Meeting was attended by several members of the public. Discussion took place about the Christmas lights for the future, and everyone was impressed with the work done so far. Councillor Jen Bower gave a report of her work as DDDC member for Tideswell.

Council Chairman Sue Barber gave the annual report, a copy of which can be seen below.


The past year has been eventful. The Council members and employees have been beset by illness, and sadly an accidental injury was sustained by a member of the public, at the last Annual Parish Meeting. At that meeting the council had only 4 members, Sue Willis, Mary Landon, Jennifer Bower and myself.New
members have been appointed, following the procedure laid down by NALC.We welcomed  Dorothy Whitehouse, Pete Hawkins, Russell Andrew, Rod Baroana, Charles Risings , John Chapman to the team. We were sorry, shortly afterwards, to lose Sue Willis, who was a stalwart of the council and who contributed a great deal to the life of the council. Sue was replaced by Rob Puckett.

The full council has been busy over the past 12 months.It is worth remembering that all the Councillors do this work unpaid and in a voluntary capacity. Interim Clerk Janice Jackson was appointed when we learned that our permanent Clerk would be on long term sick leave. I take this opportunity to thank Janice for her diligent work on our behalf. Residents of Tideswell have told me that I have been secretive about our Parish Clerk, Lesley Bramwell,  as she has been on sick leave but has been seen at work in the Library. I have purposely not given any details of her sickness as these matters are confidential. It is however, common knowledge that we have paid both the permanent  and the interm clerks which has caused an unexpected increase in our outgoings. The council takes seriously all of  its responsibilities, especially financial matters. Despite the increase in expenditure we have kept the precept at the same level as the previous financial year. The new council is positive, upbeat and hard working. The council now has representation on more outside local bodies than previously, and our overriding goal is to work for the good of the whole community of Tideswell. The Public Toilets are still under the ownership of DDDC, but we have a team who are negotiating with them and we expect an outcome soon.

 A special councillor training session by DALC was held for all members, here in Tideswell. Members of your council have attended DDDC  Forum meetings and Peak District National Park meetings on behalf of Tideswell.Our monthly meetings are always advertised on the Parish Notice Board on the Co-op wall. We welcome residents to these meetings.

Ex councillor Philip Swarbrick continues to act as contact for  the cemetery. He and other ex members acted as road marshalls for the Remembrance Day Service, for which I thank them all, sincerely.

Tonight the council will decide upon a variety of serious issues at the  monthly meeting. One of our more pleasant, but difficult, deliberations will be the choice of Community Award winners. The standard of nominations is very high. This echoes the fact that Tideswell is a wonderful place to live and our intention is to improve everyday life for Tideswell residents.  I will close by thanking all the councillors, and employees for their work in the past year. We will miss Janice Jackson when she finally has to leave us. The team who remain carry on with their efforts, and I truly believe the best is yet to come.




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