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Falls Prevention Class coming to Litton Village Hall We would all hope to remain fit and lead an independent life for as long as possible, yet one of our worst fears as we get a little older, are that we may have a fall. Falls can be devastating resulting in a loss of confidence and an increase in anxiety about possible future falls. There are plenty of things we can do to stay confident and steady on our feet. The younger we are when we start to take advantage of these things the better, but it’s never too late. Otago which originated in New Zealand is an evidence based program which proves that exercises which work to improve our strength and balance are known to be beneficial to us all, irrespective of age, or whether we have already fallen. The class includes seated and standing, static and dynamic balance exercises which are adapted to suit each person’s abilities. Basic tasks such as standing up from a chair or walking up the stairs can become more challenging as we get older. The aim of the Otago exercises is to improve your confidence with your mobility and improve your functional strength. Other benefits may include: improved bone density, improved circulation, improves mobility and ability to perform tasks at home, therefore helping you to maintain your personal independence, as well as keeping the brain active. Research shows that being active helps improve the overall functioning of your body, and helps to decrease pain associated with arthritis and chronic ailments. A qualified Otago instructor will be running the class, which is endorsed by the NHS and Age Uk. If you wish to maintain or improve your strength and stability, and make friends in the process, then hopefully this class is for you. Classes are very informal and good fun. Just wear comfy clothing and your normal footwear. There will be time after for a cuppa and a chat. New Class commencing June 10th – So come along and join us on Friday afternoons at 2pm, Free taster session, please bring a friend or partner. For more information call Michele: 01629 815168


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