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——– Original Message ——– Subject: MILLER’S DALE & DISTRICT W. I. Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2015 11:11:51 +0000 (UTC) From: henry / fil radford <> To: “” <>, “” <>, “” <> MILLER’S DALE & DISTRICT W. I. met in Litton Village Hall on 11th. November 2015 for their Annual Meeting. Judy Cooper – our President – reminded The Members that the next Annual Meeting would be in May 2016. The current Committee were all prepared to stand again until then. The President, Treasurer, and Secretary gave their reports and Judy finished by thanking everyone for their loyalty and support throughout the year. Sheila, on behalf of us all, thanked Judy for being such a lovely President and for all her hard work. This concluded the formal part of the evening. Refreshments were then served and Members had brought photos for the “Guess The Name” competition, which was great fun. We were reminded that our next meeting would be our Christmas meal in Litton Village Hall on Wednesday December 9th. at 6.30pm. There will be no January meeting. The next monthly meeting in The New Year will be on Wednesday, February 10th. 2016 at 7.30pm at our usual Litton venue. We are always really pleased to welcome new Members friends and visitors; please contact Judy Cooper [01298 872851] if you need any information.


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