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After weeks of careful planning, Sunday February 23rd arrived and it was all hands on deck for our Magic Lantern Show. Cakes had been baked, tables laid with cloths and napkins, best china all ready and the projector ready to go. The official start time was 2 p.m,. However, shortly after 1.30 p.m our first viewers arrived, very quickly followed by more and more and more! HELP – panic set in, tables were removed, chairs re-arranged and all our careful planning went out of the window. We eventually accommodated just over 100 people but reassured all those we had to turn away that we would have another show very soon. The event was a huge success and it thrilled us that so many of you came and supported us. We went on to have a further 3 more shows, again each one was enjoyed by all. We did notice that some people attended twice and three times, proof that all the hard work that our wonderful ‘photo archivist’ Paul Harrison has put into the show has been worthwhile.

All the delicious cakes were eaten, thank you to Janice , Helen and Diane for your help with serving the teas and baking, to Andrew for help with the chairs and to Thomas Eccles for designing the fantastic poster for us, you all did a wonderful job.

Our next event is the ‘Opening of the History Box’ in Fountain Square on Friday 11th April at 12 noon. Do come along and witness this special occasion. Please wear something red for this special occasion! The box will contain lots of interesting features and be a great asset to the village. We will be in the vestry at Fountain Square Church from 11 a.m onwards with another display of photographs and teas and coffees will be available. All entrants of our ‘poetry competition’ have been invited and we hope to see you all there.

Thank you very much.

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