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You will by now have received your notification of council tax from Derbyshire Dales District Council which shows that the Parish Council has increased its tax by 3.7 % in 2015 – 16. The Council has maintained council tax at the same level since 2011-12 but after having reduced overheads by about £1250 and moving this money into service delivery, which included improving the maintenance programme across the whole Parish, there was a small deficit on the planned 2015-16 budget. This was explained in detail at the Annual Parish Meeting on 19 March. The impact of this increase is that the Council Tax on a Band D property will increase by £1 a year which, if paid on a ten month standing order, equates to an extra 10p a month. In total this increase raises about £300 for the council.

Improvements to the maintenance programme means that the Council wishes to employ a handy person to undertake mainly grounds maintenance tasks such as weeding, pruning bushes and keeping village amenities in good order. It would be helpful if the person lives in the Parish and knows the villages. It is estimated that initially the work will take about 70 hours a year. There is a schedule of tasks but the times when the work needs to be done is flexible and may include weekends and evenings. The person can be appointed either as PAYE or as self employed and the work could suit almost anyone of any age but it is essential that they have a commitment to the Parish community, a strong work ethic and a desire to do a good job for residents.

The post will be advertised with further details on village notice boards but in the meanwhile if anyone would like to talk informally about the job please give me a ring (John Evans 01298 871364).

Finally remember 7 May which is election day and the 9 April which is the last day on which nominations for election to the Parish Council need to be submitted by hand to Derbyshire Dales District Council, see

John Evans


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