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The priority for the council during October is to appoint a permanent Clerk. Elsewhere in this edition, you will find an advertisement for the post. We want people to apply who have a real commitment to serving the community and who have strong organisational skills. This is a very important appointment for the council.

Our September meeting started on a positive note with the council deciding to contribute £750 towards the cost of renovating the porch and steps at The Cressbrook, formerly known as Cressbrook Club. Cllr John Butler who lives in Cressbrook presented an excellent report which described how hard the management committee of volunteers has worked to raise funds. He explained that one of the grants the management committee has been offered is for £3750 but it is conditional on the parish council contributing 20% . The council understands that The Cressbrook is an important facility for residents and it agreed that allocating £750 to bring in £3000 is a good use of parish council resources. We wish the management committee every success with the project.

During August and early September the renovation work on Litton Mill Village Green was completed. The result is very good indeed especially the pointing of the wall which was part funded by the management committee of the flats and the creation of a ramp to assist disabled access. The cost of the whole project was kept to a minimum by local residents volunteering to undertake preliminary work on the site and the council extends a very warm thank you to those involved. Thank you also to Cllr Chris Thirtle who lives in Litton Mill and saw the project through to completion.

Cllr Anne Evans started work during August on tidying up the cemetery and refurbishing benches on the Village Greens in Litton; both of these are long term projects. Anne plans to bring a report to the council later in the year which sets out arrangements for the cemetery’s regular maintenance and proposals for the completion of the Garden of Remembrance. We thank Cllr Gordon Rooke who has taken on the task of checking regularly on the equipment and condition of the Litton playground and for arranging for new signs to be made to replace the temporary ones and these will be in place by mid-October.

There has been a change in our Policing. PC Phil Maycock has taken up a new post in Buxton and has been replaced by PC Ian Hyde. We wish Phil well in his new role and welcome Ian and hope to see him soon.


John Evans (Chair)


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