Litton Parish Trees

April 21, 2018 | Filed under: 2018, May 2018

Recently, Litton Parish Council has successfully completed two phases of a phased programme of tree maintenance, which had been 50% funded by the Friends of Litton Village, to prune and thin the trees on the green and those nearby the centre of the village.

The donation raised by local projects through a network of volunteers allowed the work to be undertaken sooner than would have otherwise been possible and we hope residents and visitors will soon see a difference as we move towards summer. Further work is being scheduled to take place, in the near future.

If you are one of the few who benefited from the logs resulting from the recent work, would you be willing to make a contribution to assist with the cost of future maintenance? Donations can be made through the Parish Council who would welcome your support. Donations can be sent to The Parish Clerk, Litton Parish CouncilĀ 

Ms Gill Turner


Rockingham Lodge
Market Square
SK17 8LQ

As an organisation The Friends of Litton Village raise funds to benefit deserving causes and with the future phases it would be good to see the distribution of logs to benefit as many local, and especially our elderly residents, as is possible.

Friends of Litton Village