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February 23, 2014 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2014, March 2014

The Parish Council has decided to renew the grounds maintenance contract for a further year with Mr Lownds who is the current contractor. In so doing the Council has made improvements to the current contract and I thought it would be helpful to let residents know what will be done during the 2014 season.

The greens and verges in all the villages will be mown thirteen times with the last cut in October or November after the leaves have fallen. There are areas which are not the responsibility of the Parish Council and these are cut by either the District Council or Derbyshire Dales Housing Association. The greens in Litton which have been damaged by traffic will be repaired and, later in the year, the Council will consider ways of trying to reduce this problem.

The Memorial Playing Field, the playground and the cemetery will be mown on the same basis as the greens. The mown area of the Playing Field will be enlarged and brought into condition as a recreational area and an area for school sports. In the cemetery, in order to avoid headstones and graves being covered with grass cuttings , the practice of strimming around the graves will be replaced by mowing with a minimum around the headstones.

In Litton Mill the bushes on the green and against the wall nearest the entrance to the mill will be pruned. In Cressbrook the car park will be kept in order by pruning and weeding and the fence on the top road will be painted. The War Memorial and green will be looked after in a similar way.

In Litton the tubs will be planted twice a year in order to provide a winter and summer display of flowers. Barrett Lane will have the centre path cut once a month and the sides of the lane cut back twice during the season. There is a bit of a compromise to be accepted here! The path is allowed to become overgrown during the late summer and early autumn which is inconvenient for walkers but it is the main supply of sweet cicily seeds which are used for the well dressing during the following year.

I hope this is helpful and if anyone has suggestions to make about the maintenance of our grounds please let us know.


John Evans (Chair)


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