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The Council’s Annual Parish Meeting was well attended on 29 March. It was reported that the main items on the 2016-17 work plan had been undertaken which included the publication of Village Green Regulations, the successful trial of no parking signs, the installation of new Memorial Playing Field gates and improved maintainenace in the cemetery and across all the villages. Proposals for the 2017-18 work plan were discussed and following consideration of these by the Council a new work programme will be drawn up and published. It was noted that there would be no increase in the Parish Council’s tax in 2017-18.

Unfortunately the Council’s web site is not currently functioning due to the discontinuation of the server. It is an old system and the Council is in the process of relaunching the site after having bid for and obtained Government funds to support the project. The service will resume as soon as possible and in the meanwhile the Council apologises for any inconvenience.

Last month in the Village Voice the Council stated that it needs to contact the living relatives of a number of people buried in the cemetery and it provided a list of names. The response has been very helpful and has allowed the Council to trace a good number of relatives. However, a number of relatives are still to be found which include some which the Council has tried to trace through old addresses and word of mouth.

Any information which can help the Council contact relatives of those listed below will be much appreciated ( information to a Councillor or

William Alan Kinsley Lester d. 18 May 1996; Kathryn Ann Worsencroft d. January 1981; Mary Leigh d. September 1969 and John James Leigh d. May 1979; George F Robinson d. January 1974 and Alice Robinson d. November 1977; Clara Elizabeth Bates d. 23 June 1939; Robert Gregory d. 9 May 1932 and Caroline Gregory d. 3 January 1941; Joseph Murphy d. 23 February 1994 ( baby ); Olive Naden d. 27 September 1994.

Finally, it was reported that Severn Trent were planning to replace, starting in March, a section of the water main in Litton Village. The contractors then informed the Council that it would be delayed to a May start. The contractors have now informed the Council that they will no longer be undertaking the work. As soon as the Council has reliable information about what is happening it will report through the Village Voice.

John Evans ( Vice Chair )


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