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January 20, 2016 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2016, February 2016

Over the Christmas recess the Parish Council finalised the new grass cutting and strimming contract and it was sent out for tender in mid-January to those who had expressed an interest in fulfilling the contract.  By the time you read this, the Council will have selected the successful bidder and details will be posted on the Council website at:  

The Parish Council always aims to set a tight budget for the coming financial year that minimises expenditure on bureaucracy and aims to deliver the services that residents expect for the best price.  Despite this, to make up for a reduction in income from the portion of Council Tax made available to the Parish Council and the loss of a tax grant, the Parish Council will have to slightly increase its portion of Council Tax by 2% (an average of 50p per household per year) in Financial Year 2016/2017.   A detailed explanation will be given at the Annual Parish Meeting which will be held in the Spring.  The budget set by the Council does carry some financial risks, but the Council has decided to cover these risks with its Reserves rather than requesting a larger percentage increase in the Council Tax it receives.  

Finally, whilst Councillors work hard to maintain, and where possible enhance, the local environment and social and economic welfare of residents of Litton Parish, the Parish Council is very grateful to the many residents who, over the past year, have also committed their time and energies to making the Parish a better place to live.  There are too many of you to mention by name, but you have made a huge contribution whether it be by: helping to erect the christmas trees; decorating the villages; marshalling and organising Wakes events, well dressings and fell runs; picking up litter; or just being good neighbours.  It is a team effort that makes Litton Parish such a great place to live and the Parish Council would like to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to all those unsung volunteers and wish you all well for 2016.

Chris Thirtle

Chair Litton Parish Council


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