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The Council’s tree maintenance work will start at the beginning of February. This was explained and consulted upon by the Parish Council at a public meeting in September. The work will take place on the trees on the village green outside the Red Lion and on those on the green outside Litton Village Hall. The conifer by the car park in Litton Mill will be removed and local residents are invited to express a view on whether it should be replaced by a more appropriate species. It may be possible to undertake further tree maintenance this year subject to the approval of the Peak Park. If this is the case then information will be displayed on Parish Council notice boards.

Residents will be aware that the grass mowing contract awarded to TCL in 2016 has not proved satisfactory despite a great deal of time and effort having been expended by councillors to try to get the company to comply with the contract and their promises. The Council had no complaint about the workmanship of the operatives but the management of the contract was chaotic. The Council has now terminated the contract a year early and is currently advertising for a new contractor.

At the Annual General Meeting in May of this year Chris Thirtle and John Evans will retire from the Parish Council. As things stand at the moment that will leave the Council with a membership of three – Rachel Rennie, Neil Gregory and Gordon Rook. Rachel and Neil joined the Council recently but have already made a significant contribution but three is too few. Full membership of the Council comprises seven councillors although we have run comfortably with six for a number of years and five is manageable but a bit light. The Council also has Gill Turner who is our fully trained and experienced clerk. The Council is therefore seeking to appoint two or three new Councillors to support Rachel, Neil and Gordon. If you have even the slightest interest please do talk to any one of the current councillors to find out more.

Best regards, John Evans ( Chair )


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