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The Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Wednesday 21 March  from 7.00pm to 8.00pm at Litton Village Hall. This is an important meeting for residents because it is the occasion on which  they can make their views known to Councillors about what they want the Council  to do. This year it is particularly important because the agenda will focus on the future of the Council over the next 3 to 4 years ie what it may or may not be able to do and the impact this will have on your Parish Council Tax. So please come along. In response to comments last year we have moved the start  to the  later time of  7.00pm.

I mentioned in last month’s Village Voice that Phase 1 of the tree maintenance programme  would be undertaken in early February. This has been completed and comments from residents have been favourable. The Council is therefore going ahead with Phase 2 of the work in early April. This will involve, the trees on the greens in Litton which run from the shop down to Curzon Farm, and the fir tree in Litton Mill. Approval for the work has been given by the Peak Park and the details will be displayed on the Parish Notice Board on the shop wall  in Litton. The Council’s appreciation and thanks are extended to the Friends of Litton who have contributed £2000 towards the total cost of a little over £4000 for both Phase 1 and 2. This very generous gift comes from residents who raise money by organizing village events so not only do we have the benefit of the events but also the benefit of the proceeds raised.

Maintenance work continues at the Cemetery. During February , James Warriner ( Handyperson and Grounds Maintenance Contractor ) supported by two volunteer Councillors  spent a day thinning out trees and bushes around the southern and western sides of the cemetery. The remaining bushes and trees will now be able to flourish and in two or three years further selective maintenance can  be undertaken. This now leaves only a relatively short section of the  western boundary to be thinned out.

Remember – 7.00pm  Wednesday 21 March Litton Village Hall and ALL residents are welcome !

John Evans ( Chair )


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