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By the time you read this report two important pieces of work should have been completed.

First, the Council’s new web site should be available at

Secondly the Cemetery gates and entrance wall should have been repaired and refurbished. The gates have been painted gloss black so that maintenance in the long term is simplified.

Following concerns being raised by a number of residents about the condition of the road safety white lines in Litton the Council contacted Derbyshire County Council to ask for a meeting. Councillors met with an officer from the Highways Department and it has been agreed that all the white lines should be refreshed and reinstated. This will take time to organize but at least we know that a commitment has been made to undertake the work.

The Council has committed to a Councillor attending the regular meetings of the Cressbrook community group until it is possible to appoint a councillor from Cressbrook. The first such attendance was on Saturday 14 October when local residents were able to ask questions and raise issues with the Council. This is viewed by the Council as an important and valuable occasion which will become ever more useful over time.

Residents will recall that Litton village obtained Heritage Lottery Funding to enable the centenary of the Great War to be recognized in the village. A small sum of money was not spent and the Lottery Fund has kindly agreed to it being used to install two pic-nic tables on the Memorial Playing Field. This includes plaques being placed on the tables to remind people of the significance of the Field. These should be in place during November.

John Evans ( Chair )


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