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September 19, 2017 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2017, October 2017

On the 15 September the Parish Council consulted with residents on its plan for the long term maintenance of trees on land owned by the Council. The plan was well received with its emphasis on the conservation of the best native trees and a cycle of regular maintenance to keep trees healthy and strong for future generations.

It was noted that the trees on the village greens outside the Red Lion and the Village Hall in Litton would be the first to have a programme of work approved by the National Park Tree Preservation Officer. The work will be undertaken in the late autumn and is very much the first careful step in what is a long term programme of conservation. This area of work is being led by Councillor Neil Gregory who joined the Council in June. He has a passion for trees and in a short space of time has tackled the long standing problem of a lack of tree maintenance.

The Council is very pleased to be able to report that its new web site will be operational in October. The Council, like a number of other organizations in the area lost its web site earlier in the year and has had to rebuild it from scratch. The Council was fortunate that Rachel Rennie had the skills to undertake the task and was prepared to do it free of charge . A fantastic bonus for the Council and for residents and a very big thank you to Rachel who is now a Councillor.

Finally a less pleasant matter. Dog fouling is back on the agenda with a particularly bad outbreak on Bottom Hill Road , Litton . The Council has provided bins for dog waste and placed one at the top of Bottom Hill so there is really no excuse for not clearing up.

John Evans ( Chair )


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