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Litton’s Annual Parish Meeting held on 23 May was a very well attended event with some thirty people present drawn from across the Parish which includes the villages of Cressbrook, Litton Mill and Litton. The theme of the meeting was for Parish Councillors to listen to the views of residents and answer questions about the work of the Council.

One of the aims of the Council is to listen to what residents say they want and then plan its work and allocate its resources accordingly. Councillors were therefore very pleased that the confidential feedback forms showed that residents felt they were able to get their point of view across to Councillors with comments such as the Parish Council feels open and honest.

In addition to the meeting the Council sent out a questionnaire to all residents inviting them to say what they think the Council should do and again there was a good response. Using the questionnaire returns and what was said at the meeting, the Council met on 17 June to consider a first draft of a work plan prepared by Chris Thirtle (Litton Mill), John Butler (Cressbrook ) and Gordon Rooke (Litton).

Over July and August all Councillors will be working on aspects of the draft plan so that in September the Council can make a firm decision on what it will do this financial year and allocate the budget accordingly. The draft plan is available to view on the Council’s web site but remember this is just a first draft and the plan to look out for will appear in September. For information the other Councillors are Mike Renger (Litton) , Anne Evans (Litton) and John Evans (Litton).

One of the feedback forms said of the Annual Parish Meeting; ‘good meeting, well managed , well done’. The challenge now is to manage the delivery well!

Our best wishes to all residents – John Evans (Chair )


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