Litton Council Crisis

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Does anybody know what’s going on with Litton Parish Council? Their web site ( says that four of the seven parish councillors have resigned in recent months, giving the unfortunate impression that all is not well within the team. What’s the trouble? The published October minutes (unadopted) record that the three remaining councillors agreed to discuss the minutes of the September meeting (unadopted) outside the (formal) meeting to be held in November – the June and July minutes were not approved until October. The November meeting was subsequently cancelled at short notice. There is to be no meeting in December. There seems to be a continuing dispute between some of the remaining councillors and the clerk about the running of the meetings. The advice of Derbyshire Association of Local Councils has been sought. Why have four parish councillors resigned?

All this combines to give the impression that something isn’t working properly with Litton PC. As a former chair of the parish council myself (I stood down long before the current difficulties) I am concerned about this. Does anybody else share my concerns? Does anybody have any views on what’s happening? Can anybody – parish councillors or parishioners – explain what’s going on?

The Village Voice asked the Parish Council for a comment but at the time of publication nothing had been received, although the Clerk has confirmed that she had tendered her resignation.

David Sutherland


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