Leather on Willow

August 22, 2013 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2013, September 2013

When I last reported, TCC were on a run of 8 successive wins and in 2nd place in the League. The wheels then promptly fell off as half the team went on holiday, bringing a run of 4 defeats which was the worst spell this summer, including 2 in the League which pushed us down to 3rd.

At one point the XI turned out with VII, which makes it quite difficult to mount a challenge of any kind (do the Roman math).

Oddly, for a summer of such endless sun, TCC’s promotion hopes may turn out to have been dashed at least in part by the weather. In May, Tideswell beat Hollinsend Meths 3rds away, and a home fixture had to be abandoned because of rain. The third fixture was what is called an incomplete win for Hollinsend! who are now looking highly likely to win the League.

In second place are Norton Woodseats 2nds. Tideswell lost to them in early June, and both sides needed a win on 17 Aug. Match abandoned (rain) and points shared. It looks as if these League places will be the final ones.

Meanwhile Youlgreave managed a Sunday win against us in July, but they keep coming back for more and TCC notched up two wins in August, making the tally 3-1 with one to play in this friendly series.



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