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August 19, 2016 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2016, September 2016

This month we’ve had a delight of fruits and vegetables – raspberries, late strawberries, sweet red gooseberries and freshly dug new potatoes. There are peas in the pod and tender mangetout and the first runner beans are ready to pick, including a lovely violet variety (very yummy), and multi-coloured tomatoes in our greenhouse. Much of our harvest is donated to the Lunch Club at St. John’s Institute but there is always some left of willing volunteers (see this month’s recipe in the Village Voice).

Interesting things are happening in the ‘wild bank’ too with bug-hotels, toad-abodes, bumble bee homes and butterfly-drinking saucers with plans for a hedgehog house too. Butterflies and bees are wonderful pollinators and toads and hedgehogs enjoy eating slugs & snails so they are a gardener’s friend. Come and be inspired to make some for your own garden, they are an excellent idea for the school holidays.

If you wish to volunteer, even if it is just for a couple of hours when you can, the best time to join in is on the first Saturday of the month, at 10 am. Alternatively email Helen Grainger at, call Judy Cooke on 01298 872408, or contact us on Facebook via the ‘Tideswell Kitchen Garden’ group.


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