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We are writing to you to about our brand new playground equipment at Bishop Pursglove School, which we have recently purchased. We are all very grateful for our playground equipment and we are very excited about the new instalment, which cost £11,054. This money purchased our new junior pick-up sticks climbing frame.

We would like to thank all of the people that donated money for this amazing project. We would like to give our thanks to the following groups: Friends of School who raised £6,000, TASC who donated the money raised from the community project with the CO-OP and lastly parents, relatives, friends and children of BPS who supported events to f help us raise money for our playing equipment.

The children in school will have so much fun playing on this great equipment. It is made of these amazing robust materials, which will mean it will last for a long time and the wood will not rot. It took us over three years to save up this amount of money and it took months to plan. We want people to respect our climbing equipment because it needs to last for a long time into the future.

I am sure you are aware of some teenagers that hang out on the school grounds and on the skate park, some of whom have climbed on our roof, which damaged some of the tiles.

Therefore, one of the main reasons for this letter is to ask people to respect our valuable play equipment. We would really appreciate it if no one went on to the pick-up sticks (without adult supervision) and to treat the Dura Bond soft surface carefully because if damaged it could affect the soft landing. We hope that everyone will agree to respect our great new equipment and we thank them in anticipation of their cooperation.

Year 6 Children – BPS


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