June 19, 2018 | Filed under: 2018, July 2018

The group met at The Community Room, Buxton Fire station to talk about Holidays.. and their pitfalls. Members were given booklets with information to help with preparations .It is easy to be engrossed in providing adequate arrangements for  carrying medication… and forget the rules that apply to everyone.When travelling abroad everyone must obey that country’s regulations.Some countries regard Codeine as illegal, and people are advised to take their GP prescription with them to cover any and all medication. Special packs are available for carrying insulin. Holidays taken in this country may involve driving, and the DVLA regulations were repeated to remind people of their responsibility to check their blood glucose before setting off on any journey. A general discussion followed , and opinions on the TV programme “Diabetes The Quick Fix ” were voiced. This programme had some valuable points, and some questionable ones. The overall consensus was that it did nothing to take away the stigma off diabetes, but fuelled the opinion that people “bring it on themselves”. Anyone with Type 1 diabetes who has suffered verbal abuse will understand how hurtful this is. Many people who go on to Type 2 diabetes are genetically determined to become diabetic, no matter what regime they try. Those who become diabetic because of lifestyle, may indeed be able to reverse this, and the members  said they were pleased that this group of Type 2 individuals were  able to do so. For most, however, it is not an option.