Here Be Dragons

January 18, 2018 | 0 Comments | Filed under: 2018, February 2018

It was time to remedy the fact that Tidza Ramblers had never walked on New Year’s Day.  The local route was familiar and it was satisfying to point out things of interest to a new couple who are settling into the village. After going over Litton Edge we kept to lanes before going down Litton Slack. The house on the left with its distinctive chimney came into view and, on the right, the rooftops of the row of cottages. An intriguing notice proclaimed, ‘ Here, there be dragons ‘. The words were used in the past to indicate an area on a map that hadn’t been surveyed. Unfortunately we can’t pretend to have had this information to hand on the day !

A short stroll took us to the Anglers’ Rest where the husband of one of our group was already installed at a table. It was a good lunch enjoyed in congenial company and surroundings. The day was described by one of the newcomers as a great walk timed perfectly to miss the rain.

On the subject of walking, there is a list in a recent magazine of twenty of the most trodden areas in Britain. Incredibly seven are within a twelve mile radius of Tideswell.


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